Pool Environments, Inc.

We would highly recommend Tatum Brown as a top notch builder in the Dallas Metroplex.

— Pool Environments, Inc.

Allane O’Neil

I will definitely recommend Tatum Brown to anyone interested in building a new home!

— Allane O’Neil, Homeowner

Will Clinton of Clinton and Co.

Tatum Brown Custom Homes is a fantastic group to work with.

— Will Clinton of Clinton and Co.

J. Christopher Floyd, Homeowner

I highly recommend that anyone building a custom home consider Tatum Brown.

— J. Christopher Floyd, Homeowner

George Tamke, Homeowner

Take it from someone who has been there, working with Tatum Brown is as good as it gets.

— George Tamke, Homeowner

Mary Beth Wagner, Homeowner

We loved the whole experience from start to finish and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build their custom home and have a positive ending with a house you love.

— Mary Beth Wagner, Homeowner

Brian Casey

They built a quality home and made it fun in the process.

— Brian Casey, Homeowner

David Lyles Decorative Painting

Tatum Brown Custom Homes is the most exciting custom home builder in Dallas!

— David Lyles Decorative Painting

Blume Architecture

I am happy to recommend them as a high end residential builder as my personal experience has been great on the projects we are building together.

— Christy Blumenfeld, Architect

Grant Henderson

Tatum Brown is a fantastic custom home builder. They helped us through every phase of building our new home including working through the architectural plans and final landscape design.

— Grant Henderson, Homeowner

Archiverde Landscape Architecture

Tatum Brown execute their projects with a passion for detail and they know how to keep a project on track.

— Archiverde Landscape Architecture

Mark Hoesterey of Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects

Their leadership and staff are professional, organized and they meticulously execute difficult details on every project.

— Mark Hoesterey of Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects

Dallas Limestone

Everyone from management to the superintendents to the design team are readily available and easy to communicate with.

— Dallas Limestone

Laura Franks

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tatum Brown from the planning stages through lot selection, design and build, and are ahead of schedule!

— Laura Franks, Homeowner

Tia Pettijohn

Tatum Brown's greatest resource is its incredibly talented team of professionals.

— Tia Pettijohn, Homeowner

Kerry Peterson

We highly recommend Tatum Brown Custom Homes and can't wait to use them on our next project.

— Kerry Peterson, Homeowner

Jesse Hibbard

Our experience with the Tatum Brown team during our build job was exceptional.

— Jesse Hibbard, Homeowner

Brad Berkley

They are extremely professional and excel at all aspects of home building from the design through finished product.

— Brad Berkley, Homeowner